Brazil – God and the Devil in the Land of injustice

In 2013, expenses related to the organization of the Football World Cup in Brazil set off a wave of protests in the poorest communities. The State used the security of the World Cup as a pretext to expropriate the inhabitants of the favelas surrounding the majors cities. The country saw massive demonstrations and strikes during months.

If tensions appear to have appeased during the World Cup event, the end of the World Cup and also the works for the Rio 2016 Olympics may mark the beginning of new protests. Despite the corruption cases that have shaken the political and economic environments, on October 26th 2014, Dilma Rousseff was back into office for a second term after a bitter election campaign with the promise to combat corruption.


Filipe Paçanha // Rio de Janeiro

Filipe Paçanha

25 years old Felipe is an activist in the group “Midina Ninja”, an independent press organization which became famous by covering and broadcasting live the events and the violence of the military police in Brazil. Felipe was arrested during a demonstration, and the recordings made by his fellow “Ninja” upon his conditions of detention went viral on the social networks.

Tatiane Ribeiro // São Paulo

Tatiane Ribeiro

At 25, “Tati”, as her friends call her, is part of Juntos! (“Together!”), a left-wing movement which helps the communities organizations in the popular districts and in the favelas. This feminist lives with her mother and works as a receptionist in a hostel. She intended to study journalism, but a student exchange in France convinced her to study gastronomy.

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