Canada – Pots and pans, necessary disillusionments

On February 13th 2012 began the longest student protest in the history of Quebec, to protest against the increase of tuition fees required by the liberal majority. As the mobilization became more and more important, the government tried to control the numerous demonstrations by voting the Bill 78.

Using only pots and pans as a symbol for their struggle to obtain an affordable education, the students eventually managed to force the government to back off, after months of a long power struggle.


Melissa Palermo // Toronto

Melissa Palermo

20 years old Melissa is the education vice-president at Ryerson Student's Union. She is finishing her studies in Art and New Media. She wears a red square cloth to support the students from Quebec and campaign into the association «Drop Fees» for a free and accessible education in Ontario.

Jonathan Beaulieu // Montreal

Jonathan Beaulieu

Jonathan, 28, lives with his father and finishes his studies in 3D animation. In debt, he condemns the drift of a system where money and profits often prevail over the human factor. Critical toward the power elite, he wishes that politics were more adapted to the population's needs.

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