Chile – Never ever silent again

Chile has been in full social transformation in 2011. Students vividly protested against the exponential cost of education in their country. Initially ignored by the authorities, the movement has been increasing in scale as secondary school students and the majority of the population have been joining in.

This student protest has caught the government unawares. During these demonstrations, the banners clearly expressed their discontent. Cornered, the government wanted to negotiate with Camila Vallejo, who was the head of the student movement.

In order to study, nearly 70% of the younger generation have no other choice than to take out loans.


Camilla Vallejo // Santiago de Chile

Camilla Vallejo

Camila was the president of the “Federación de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Chile” (FECH) in 2011. This 23-year-old woman, who was preparing a thesis in geography, is an expert on the political situation of her country. She intends to obtain a complete reform of the Chilean education system – against the government of President Sebastian Piñera.

Raúl Peña Muñoz // Llay-Llay

Raúl Peña Muñoz

26-year-old Raúl Peña Muñoz is the son of a popular musician. He is a music teacher and up to his neck in debt because education is being extremely expensive. He has decided to protest against the State's tendency to turn education into a commodity. Strongly determined to challenge the enemy, tireless, Raúl wants to win over the largest possible number of people for this struggle involving commitment and exposure of lies.

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