France – To the polls citizens!

In May 2012, France was caught in its presidential elections. A hundred days before, the financial rating agency Standard & Poor's decided to demote France by withdrawing its triple A. As a result, the financial crisis became the most important issue in the ideological fight between the two traditional right-wing and left-wing political parties, as well as other issues like violence in some suburbs, unemployment and retirement pensions.

The young people from the suburbs felt left out, confined to their council housing estates. Tensions and clashes with the authorities ensue daily. In this tense political atmosphere, the French finally decided to punish former president Nicolas Sarkozy by electing the socialist François Hollande and his promises of changes.


Jenny Bessoud // Lyon

Jenny Bessoud

Jenny is a 30 years old HR manager, representative and member of the Jeunes Actifs de l'UMP (the party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy) for the department of the Rhône. She is an activist in Lyon, a traditionally left-wing city.

Romain Jammes // Paris

Romain Jammes

24 years old Romain is one of the founders of the Réseau Jeunes of the Parti de Gauche, a party which is part of the political coalition «Front de Gauche». This young communication manager fights for an anti-capitalist society and asks for more social equalities through speeches attacking former president Nicolas Sarkozy and his unfair political decisions.

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