Greece – The Suspended Step of Ulysses

Riddled with debt, Greece had to turn to the European Union in order to have a chance of coming through at all. The government announced a drastic austerity plan, and the Greeks took to the streets in the spring of 2010. In May of the same year, Athens finally adopted monetary tightening measures without precedent to reduce the public deficit of 30 billion Euro by 2014, in return for 3-year financial aid of 110 billion provided by the European Union and the IMF.

This context gave birth to a global populism leading the extremes to grow stronger as the economy of the country was weaker.


Andriani Koukiasa // Athens

Andriani Koukiasa

Andriani Koukiasa is a 29 year-old seismologist. She lives alone and has had to make great sacrifices to lead a decent life, but the state keeps asking her, and all her compatriots, for more. Despite a stable job, she thinks of her many peers who are struggling to find a job. Her analysis of the Greek economic and social environment is dramatic.

Giorgis Saratsis // Tessaloniki

Giorgi Saratsis

Giorgis is 25 years old and still lives with his parents and his two sisters. This trained writer has won several poetry awards, but despite his efforts to find a job, he is still unemployed, and sometimes loses all hope of ever finding a solution. In his daily blog, he tries to keep his spirits up by communicating with other people, sharing his job-seeking experiences. He thinks that people should have the courage to elaborate and establish new ways of regulating the financial world.

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