Mexico – The anger of the forgotten ones

Mexico is a giant of 112 million inhabitants, the second largest economy in South America behind Brazil. Yet despite the country's wealth, Mexico's problems in recent years can be attributed to the drug traffickers President Felipe Calderon has decided to combat by deploying the Mexican army (50,000 men) and by reorganizing the police. There have been 15,000 victims related to drug trafficking and 7,000 abductions.

There are corpses on wastelands, in cars, behind bars, in front of shops, on the pavement, or in telephone booths... How is it to be young in a country where you risk being hit by a lost bullet on your way to buy bread? The anger of these young people that are being ignored will eventually explode.


Raúl Romero Gallardo // Mexico City

Raúl Romero Gallardo

Raúl was born in 1983. He wrote a thesis about the “Strikes for the emancipation today, the case of the Caracoles Zapatistas” and is working on a master in Latinoamerican studies. He works for the Social Studies Intsitute. His researches are about social movements and alternative constructions. He also works as a journalist for web medias like “Rebelión”, “Revista Hastag” and “Subversiones”.

Olivia Chilian // Cuernavaca

Olivia Chillian

Olivia is 29. She was born in the city of Puebla. She currently lives in Cuernavaca, Morelos, where she works as a researcher for the National Institute of Public Health and in a program promoting healthier living habits. She is the fourth of six siblings. One of them, Paul Gnuyen, is said to have been murdered by the police in 2009. His murder has remained unpunished to this day, despite the existence of a witness: a friend Paul was with on the day of his death and who was also attacked.

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