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In 1999, Mohamed VI took over the reigns with a firm determination to transform his poor and too indebted country. Education helps people out of poverty and prevents it from being transmitted from generation to generation. The Moroccan educational system is two-tiered : private schools train the elite in French, and the public school hosts all the other students and offers courses in Arabic. The youth represents 30% of the country's population.

These young people are particularly affected by the exclusion and want to contribute more actively to the life of their country. Economically, the king made ​​significant inroads by focusing on South-South cooperation. Socially, a major advance has been made​​, reinforced by the Constitution of 2011, which affirms the “civil and social equality between man and woman'”.


Wafa // Rabat

Wafa Haddioui

Wafa Haddioui is 23. She studies civil engineering and she is a member of the UECSE (the Students Union to Change the Education System) which campaigns for a better quality in education and fight against inequalities in Morocco.

Zakaria Alillech // Tangier

Zakaria Alillech

Zakaria Alillech is 29 and lives in Tangier. He obtained a master's degree in Euro-mediteranean relations and a master's in Tourism Management at the Tourism International High Institute in Tangier. He currently works as a translator.

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