Palestine – From Gaza with Love... and grief

Overwhelmingly supported by the people, the Israeli leaders launched a new operation on July 8th, 2014 with the aim of destroying Hamas and its rockets. Gaza was bombed day and night during 51 days. On the Palestinian territory of 360 km2, 1.8 million people were trapped in the hell of war. According to the United Nations, more than 50,000 Gazans have lost their house, 30,000 others whose dwelling is considered uninhabitable.

Even before the conflict, the economic situation was dire, the unemployment rate over more than 40%, a financial dependency on the international community and no future for young people. The majority of the infrastructures is destroyed: some neighborhoods have been razed to the ground. How do they get up and continue to live with dignity and resist?


Fady Al Sheik Yousef // Gaza

Fady Al Sheik Yousef

Fady, 27, still lives with his parents, three sisters and brother. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce but is currently unemployed for a year. He tried to open a production company of media communication that was closed by Hamas. During the Israeli military offensive in July 2014, he organized sessions for moral support to the children of Gaza. Financially, he is helped by his father, who works as a taxi driver.

Amani Qassem // Gaza

Amani Qassem

Amani is a 25 years old woman who lives with her parents. She is studying administration in Zawaida, 15km from Gaza. Her father is a retired officer of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah activist. Amani is very active on the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails (more than 6,000 today). She follows Palestinian prisoners' families who gather to demand their release. She lost people in her inner circle during the recent war, and has a personal view on Palestinian youth, in a society where unemployment is very high and where young people feel alienated.

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