Senegal – Fed up with being the blacks of…

On July 23 and 27, 2011 thousands of Senegalese made the headlines when they clearly manifested their opposition to the government and the many excesses of the political class. In particular, they protested against a bill giving President Abdoulaye Wade (85) a third term of office and letting his son succeed him.

The protest movement “Enough’s enough” has led an intense campain to call for a change, a mission in which the young people have taken a crucial part.
On 26 February 2012, the 5.3 million citizens registered on the electoral lists were called to the polls. They asked the father of the nation to withdraw with dignity.


Mbayang Diaw // Dakar

Mbayang Diaw

27-year-old Mbayang Diaw has an advanced vocational training certificate, a technical diploma, as well as a BA in marketing under her belt, but she finds no job. She has resigned herself to taking an umpteenth job as a secretary trainee, in order to have at least an occupation, pending a more suitable place of work. Just like her, the majority of young people do not know whether they will be able to leave their parents' home to be autonomous. The corruption and the indifference of the elite are the source of their profund feeling of injustice.

Mor Talla Mane // Thies

Mor Talla Mane

Mor Talla is a 26-year-old Senegalese man, who lives with his mother. He currently works as a pharmacy assistant, pending a job that corresponds better to his profile. He is an activist in the social movement «Enough's enough» - a group that mobilises the young generation and protests against the excesses of the government, and makes proposals about the education of the population.

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