Spain – Broken promises

It all started on May 15 2011. Tens of thousands of people manifested in Madrid and in other Spanish cities. Students, unemployed people and workers on the poverty line, all filled with the same indignation.

Although the mobilization united Spaniards of all ages, the majority of the protesters were young people directly affected by the crisis.

The protesters demanded more transparency in the political party funding system. They primarily asked the government to focus on young people's unemployment, one of the highest in Europe. An entire generation feels excluded and demonstrates since 2011 for a “real democracy”.


Paloma Vela // Madrid

Paloma Vale

Paloma Vale is a 29-year-old woman living in Madrid. After successfully completing an interior architecture degree, she shares a flat with others and had to take a job as a waitress to pay her bills and her rent. Paloma does a lot of volunteer work on behalf of several associations. She sincerely believes that a more just and honest world is possible.

Manuel Silvestre Granados // Valencia

Manuel Silvestre Granados

Manuel Granados is a 29-year-old man who still lives with his mother because he cannot afford to pay a rent. Having been unemployed ever since studying architecture, he is faced with the continuous struggle of finding a job. He fiercely protests against all the waste and corruption undermining his country's institutions. He spends time in associative movements which gives him the impression of being of some use.

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