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Being the top nation in all fields, the United States' leadership is sometimes criticized but remains undisputed nevertheless. The arrival of Barack Obama as president in 2008 created resounding hope in the world. In a constitutional state such as the United States, there seem to be different levels of freedom. Millions of people were out in the street because of the traders; some grow richer and richer in an insolent manner.

Despite everything, the United States remain a fantastic human laboratory, and maybe the new configuration that seems to be emerging in the new world order will once again have Uncle Sam as its epicenter.


Ryan Watson // New York

Ryan Watson

Ryan is a 27 year-old photography student. He thinks that the Americans are the most ambitious people in the world, which makes for a very aggressive youth. It is therefore likely that they will make as many errors as the generation currently in power. He noticed the fierce determination of the young demonstrators in Wall Street. However, he thinks that exploiting the movement by some denigrating media is regrettable.

Jackie Spreadbury // Chicago

Jackie Spreadbury

Jackie lives with her father at Oak Forest, a suburb of Chicago. This 23 years-old chemistry student and dance teacher became an early activist of the “Occupy Chicago” movement. She denounces the lack of independence and freedom of the people in the current American society. Thanks to “Occupy”, she hopes to take over politicians and their meaningless words and give concrete solutions to various issues.

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